Boston Head 20 January 2019

10 wins For the Union on a really cold, clear and sunny day

W.8+:  Alex Rainbow, April Bone, Lucy Patchett, Evie Tyler, Izzy Nix, Rhianna Ong, Katie Page, Eleanor Dyson, Katie Stevens (cox)

W.J15.4x+: Amy Cullis, Olivia Butcher, Niamh Kirkham, Lauren McLeod, Evie Newman (cox)

Op.J18.2x:  Harvey Lunn, Joshua Rhodes (Burton Leander)

Op.J17.2x: James Forward, Brett Taylor (Rob Roy)

W.2x.Band 2:  Eben Goode, Holly McGarva

W.J16.2x:  Lucy James, Niamh Dunn

Op.J14.2x: Dan Waddell, George Rainbow

Op.J18.1x:  James Forward

W.J15.1x:  Ruby Penn

Op.J14.1x:  Andy McDonald

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