Trent Head 26 Feb 2017

Union’s Junior 14, 15 and 16’s again came out on top on home water

Impressive win for girl’s 14 Octuple (see the video on out Twitter feed!) and great performances for 15 and 16’s (racing in IM3) quads

Masters 4x winning their age group by a good margin and winning overall on handicap

W.J14.8x+: Lucy James, Ruby Poon, April Bone, Rianna Ong, Cecily Kay, Evie Tyler, Alex Rainbow, Annabel Stevens, Rosie Stokes (cox)
W.J15.4x+: Grace Rigby, Izzy Nix, Lucy James, Ciara Bingham, Molly Middleton (cox)
W.IM3.4x-: Ella Grant Clapham, Orianne Capsticks, Megan Thomas, Katie Page
Mas.4x-: Trevor Rainbow, Simon Hughes, Sid Mitchell, Pat Mullins

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