Junior membership

Individual junior membership is £336.00 for the year in advance, or  you can pay £28.00 a month, by agreement of the Captain (12 x £28.00 = £336.00). In the event of leaving mid-year the full amount is payable.

Family membership is also available for £672.00 for the year, or you can pay £56.00 a month  (12 x £56.00 = £672.00). You can also add this membership to an existing family membership at no additional cost.

Payment in all cases is by bank transfer or standing order (bank details are given at checkout).

When you agree to the use of Video/Photos of your child, they will be used for promoting the activities of the club and the sport within the club and the governing body, including appropriate publication of photographs on the club website and in other media that the club may use for information purposes such as Local Newspaper articles and Closed Whatsapp and Facebook groups


Junior's first name is missing
Junior's surname is missing
Gender is required
Date of birth is missing
Parent's name is missing
Postcode is missing
Mobile number is missing
Parents email is missing
Other emergency contact details
Declaration of swimming ability
All members must be able to swim 100m in light clothing
Capsize drill declaration is not ticked
Give capsize drill club
Please give date of capsize drill
Declaration of health
Any information given below will be treated confidentially, however it will be necessary to share it with any junior coach who may be responsible for your child’s safety during training sessions and / or competitions
Known allergies, etc has not been ticked
Known health conditions has not been ticked
Please give details of health conditions
Please note if you are in any doubt as to your child’s suitability to participate please consult a doctor and make the junior coordinator aware.
Photo consent
I agree to the use of video / still photography of my child for promoting the activities of the club and the sport with the governing body, including the fair and appropriate publication of photographs of my child on the club website and in other appropriate marketing media that the club may use
Promotional photo consent is not ticked
Video coaching acceptance is not ticked
By ticking the boxes below, you confirm that you agree to abide by the junior code of conduct
Parent consent agreement is not ticked
Junior consent agreement is not ticked
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