Senior membership

Individual senior membership is £444.00 for the year in advance, or  you can pay £37.00 a month, by agreement of the Captain (12 x £37.00 = £444.00). In the event of leaving mid-year the full amount is payable.

Payment in all cases is by bank transfer for annual payments or standing order for monthly payments, with the reference “member’s initial” space “member’s surname”


Membership details
First name missing
Surname missing
Gender is required
Date of birth is missing
Email address is missing
Address is missing
Emergency contact details
Emergency contact name is missing
Emergency contact phone number is missing
Declaration of swimming ability
All members must be able to swim 100m in light clothing
If YES, please state:
Declaration of health
Any information given below will be treated confidentially, however it will be necessary to share it with any club coach who may be responsible for your safety during training sessions and / or competitions.
Known health conditions is not ticked
Allergies and medications information is not ticked