Useful Information

Steering advice

Take a look at our steering advice leaflet.

Training distances on the Trent: upstream from Trent Bridge

Distances have been marked out at 0.5km intervals along the top step of the embankment up to 2.5km.

Trent Bridge to Toll Bridge: 2km
Trent Bridge to Wilford School (Bee Bank): 3km
Trent Bridge to Clifton Bridge: 3.75km
Trent Bridge to the Farm: 4.25km
Trent Bridge to the Pipe: 5.5km

Training distances on the Trent: downstream from Trent Bridge

There are 1km marker posts on the County (Lady Bay) bank. Kilometre zero is the canal lock opposite Nottingham Britannia Rowing Club (approximately 150m downstream of Trent Bridge).

Lock to Green Doors: 1km
Lock to end of T.S. Orion: 2km
Lock to Nottingham Sailing Club: 3km
Lock to Holme Lock island: 4km

Please note that all distances are a guide only, and have been measured from the land and scaled off maps.