Blenheim Palace Regatta, 10th June

An earlier Blenheim Regatta

Blenheim Palace Junior Regatta saw the Union younger Juniors in outstanding form even with the weather turning blustery early in the morning as staying with us for the whole day.

Most events had 8-12 competitors so the medal haul was even more impressive

Gold Medallists
W.J13.4x+: Lauren McLeod, Naimh Kirkham, Evie Newman, Maddie Gisby, Amy Cullis (cox)
J13.1x: Will Knowles
J12.4x+: Mai Drury, Daniel Waddell, Zach Morgan, George Rainbow, Jessica Brown (cox)

Silver Medallist
W.J13.1x: Evie Newman

Bronze Medallists
W.J14.4x+: Alex Grocock, Niamh Dunn, Lizzy Adlam, Rhia Ong, Alex Rainbow (cox)
J14.1x: Dominic Burrows
J13.4x+: Zach Morgan, Xavi Ward, Dominic Burrows, Will Knowles, George Rainbow (cox)

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