Lincoln Head of the River 12th March

This year, the organisers of the Lincoln Head introduced two new ideas. They introduced a short division for the very young and novices in their first year in a boat. They also introduced “Headship” trophies for the fastest crews in each division.

In the 1.5 km division, Tilly Thomas (bow) and Molly Middleton (stroke) were the fastest women’s crew over the short distance
Mai Drury won W.J12 singles.

All 3 having just graduated from the Academy into the racing groups and are only 6months into their rowing adventure

On the long (3.5 km) course, the big news was the win by Denise Burd, Katie Stretton, Daniela Dietrich and Rosanne Capsticks in women’s novice quads. It was Denise’s first win in twelve years as an active member of the club. It was Rosanne’s first ever race in a sculling boat; she has raced, and won, for the club in a sweep oared boat, but her last race was in 1990, and her win was in 1986. Daughter Orianne was there to support her mother, rather than vice versa. It was also Daniela’s first win. At the other extreme, Katie’s record in head races stands as three wins from three starts.

Then there was a band of old men and women, including John Kenyon from the Union, who borrowed a boat and blades from Lincoln Rowing Centre, and went for a paddle. They finished fourth overall, and won mixed masters D eights by 83 seconds.

The fastest double, and winner of the men’s four-blade trophy, was Calum McManus and Alex Watkins, racing IM1 for Becket RC. Calum has been a stalwart behind the bar at functions this Winter and is currently doing his rowing at the NWSC. Mother Kate was there to support. They were fifth overall, and only three seconds behind the mixed oldies’ eight.”

Lincoln Head (12/03/2017)
W.Nov.4x-: Denise Burd, Katie Stretton, Daniela Dietrich, Rosanne Capsticks
W.Nov.2x: Tilly Thomas, Molly Middleton
W.J12.1x: Mai Drury
Mx.Mas.D.8+: Lou Townrow (Nottingham RC), Jo Canton (Lincoln), Tony Lorrimer (Nottingham RC), Cassie White (Nottingham RC), Bruce Margetts (Lincoln), John Kenyon, Helen Bloor (Nottingham RC), Michael Howe (Ardingly), Fergus Robertson (cox)

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