Star Head 20th Nov 2016

Probably the last race for the Union in 2016, saw the club haul 10wins back to Nottingham! From J14 to Mas E and all in between.

With heavy rain and strong winds forecast the Union groups came prepared in their all-weather gear, only to find a cold, dry and pleasant day throughout racing. Conditions saw mostly head winds but as usual on the Bedford race course the weather was the least of the worries, it was the bridges you had to look out for !!

IM3.8+ (and fastest crew on long course): Adam Thomas, Ben Wright, Max Allen, Keir Vogl, Harrison Smalley, Guyon Bedward, Ryan Asher, Paddy Adcock, Becky Goodman (cox)
W.IM3.8+: Alice Bloomer, Amy Fenoulhet, Jasmine Michalowska, Heather Lund, Clodagh Gallagher, Beth Holder, Mary Bryant-Jeans, Alice Williams, Laura Stops (cox)
W.J14+8x+ (and fastest crew on short course): April Bone, Lucy James, Alex Grocock, Beth Cranefield, Evie Newman, Ruby Poon, Evie Tyler, Alex Rainbow, Rosie Stokes (cox)
MasE.4x-: Trevor Rainbow, Simon Hughes, Sid Mitchell, Pat Mullins
W.J18.4x-: Megan Thomas, Helena Singleton, Ella Grant Clapham, Emily Waumsley
W.IM3.4x-: Katie Page, Tess McManus, Keziah Davies, Orianne Capsticks
W.J15B.4x+: Ruby Poon, Lucy James, Evie Tyler, Alex Rainbow, Rosie Stokes (cox)
W.J16.2x: Orianne Capsticks, Katie Page
W.J15A.2x: Izzy Nix, Ciara Bingham
W.J17.1x: Emily Waumsley

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