Nottingham and Union Rowing Club Wins 2016
Northampton Head (23/01/2016)
W.J13.4x+: Annabel Stevens, Evie Tyler, April Bone, Cecily Kay, Ella Macmillan (cox)
Mas.F.2x: Trevor Rainbow, Sid Mitchell
W.J14.1x: Lucy Patchett
Boston Head (24/01/2016)
W.J15.4x+: Megan Thomas, Ella Grant Clapham, Katie Page, Orianne Capsticks, Jasmine Latka (Boston RC) (cox) (rowed over after only opposition scratched)

Trafford Head (20/02/2016)
W.J15.1x: Katie Page
W.J13.2x: Olivia Stevenson, Evie Tyler
W.J13.4x+: Olivia Stevenson, Evie Tyler, Ruby Poon, Alex Rainbow, Ella Macmillan (cox)

Head of the Trent (28/02/2016)
W.IM3.4x-: Jasmine Dorks, Grace Fielding, Helena Singleton, Emily Waumsley

Ghent International Spring Regatta (10/04/2016)
W.Lwt.2x (Bronze): Aerin Thompson (composite with Ella Kay of Nottingham RC)

Leicester Regatta (24/04/2016)
W.J18.2x: Jasmine Dorks, Grace Fielding
W.J18.1x: Jasmine Dorks
W.Nov.1x: Grace Fielding
W.J16.4x-: Megan Thomas, Katie Page, Ella Grant Clapham, Orianne Capsticks
W.J15.4x+: India Crawford, Freya Herborn, Rachel Herborn, Orianne Capsticks, Katie Page (cox)
W.J14.2x: Lucy Patchett, Izzy Nix
W.J13.4x+: Annabel Stevens, Olivia Stevenson, Ruby Poon, Ella Macmillan, Alex Rainbow (cox)
W.J13.2x: Annabel Stevens, Evie Tyler
W.J13.1x: Alex Rainbow

Shrewsbury Regatta (7 May 2016)
W.J14.8x+: Annabel Stevens, April Bone, Ruby Poon, Maddie Holohan (from Leicester RC, although it was not actually a composite), Olivia Stevenson, Izzy Nix, Lucy Patchett, Alex Rainbow, Ella Macmillan (cox)
W.J14.4x+: Olivia Stevenson, Izzy Nix, Lucy Patchett, Alex Rainbow, Annabel Stevens (cox)

Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta (8 May 2016)
W.J13.1x: Cecily Kay

Nottingham Masters and Club Regatta (15 May 2016)
W.J18.1x: Jasmine Dorks
W.J15.4x+: Orianne Capsticks, Rachel Herborn, Freya Herborn, Megan Thomas, Katie Page (cox)
W.J13.2x: Cecily Kay, Annabel Stevens
MasE.4x-: Trevor Rainbow, Simon Hughes, Sid Mitchell, Pat Mullins

Peterborough Spring Regatta (4 June 2016)
W.IM2.2x Ella Kay (NRC), Aerin Thompson
W.J18.1x Aerin Thompson

British Rowing Masters Championships (11 June 2016)
Mas.E.4x- Silver: Trevor Rainbow, Simon Hughes, Sid Mitchell, Pat Mullins

Peterborough Junior Championships (25 June 2016)
W.J15.8x+: Orianne Capsticks, Katie Page, Tess McManus, Ella Grant Clapham, Emily Keen, Rachel Herborn, Izzy Nix, Freya Herborn, (Guest from Yarm School) (cox)
W.J13.8x+: Alex Rainbow, Evie Tyler, Maddie Holohan (Leicester RC), Freya Moore (Leicester RC), Freya Talbot (Leicester RC), Evie Newman, Annabel Stevens, Cecily Kay, (Another Guest from Yarm School) (cox)
W.J13.2x: Gold Annabel Stevens, Cecily Kay
W.J13.2x: Silver Alex Rainbow, Evie Tyler
W.J14.1x: Bronze Lucy Patchett

Peterborough Summer Regatta (13 August 2016)
Nov.2x: Michael Greenop, Calum McManus
W.IM2.4-: Aerin Thompson, (composite with Ella Kay (NRC), Olivia Kay (NRC) and Phoebe Cook (Derby))

Peterborough Summer Sprint (14 August 2016)
W.IM3.4x-: Emily Waumsley, Grace Fielding, Helena Singleton, Jasmine Dorks

St Neots Small Boats Head (2 October 2016)
IM3.4x- Simon Hughes, Simon Wright, Mark Bromley, Calum McManus
W.J18A.4x- : Maddie Moore, Keziah Davies, Helena Singleton, Emily Waumsley
W.J16A.4x- : Orianne Capsticks, Freya Herborn, Tess McManus, Katie Page
W.J14A.4x+: Cecily Kay, Lucy James, Evey Tyler, Annabel Stevens, April Bone (cox)
W.J16A.2x: Ella Grant Clapham, Megan Thomas
W.J15A.2x: Ciara Bingham, Lucy Patchett
W.J14A.2x: Evey Tyler, Annabel Stevens
J15.1x: James Forward
J14B.1x: Will Knowles
W.J17A.1x: Helen Singleton
W.J16A.1x: Megan Thomas
W.J15A.1x: Lucy Patchett
W.J14A.1x: Lucy James

British Rowing Senior Championships (23 October 2016)
W.Lwt.4x- Gold: Aerin Thompson (composite with Phoebe Cook (Derby), Ella Kay (NRC) and Olivia Kay (NRC)

Nottingham Autumn Heads (30 October 2016)
W.Nov.4x-: Orianne Capsticks, Keziah Davies, Tess McManus, Katie Page
Mas.E.4x- : Trevor Rainbow, Simon Hughes, Sid Mitchell, Pat Mullins
W.Nov.2x: Tegan Fitch, Izzy Nix
W.J14.2x: Evie Tyler, Alex Rainbow

Pangbourne Junior Sculls (12 November 2016)
W.J16.4x-: Megan Thomas, Ella Grant Clapham, Katie Page, Orianne Capsticks
W.J14.4x+ (Bronze): Evey Tyler, Annabel Stevens, Lucy James, Alex Rainbow, April Bone (cox)

Star Club Head (20 November 2016)
IM3.8+ (and fastest crew on long course): Adam Thomas, Ben Wright, Max Allen, Keir Vogl, Harrison Smalley, Guyon Bedward, Ryan Asher, Paddy Adcock, Becky Goodman (cox)
W.IM3.8+: Alice Bloomer, Amy Fenoulhet, Jasmine Michalowska, Heather Lund, Clodagh Gallagher, Beth Holder, Mary Bryant-Jeans, Alice Williams, Laura Stops (cox)
W.J14+8x+ (and fastest crew on short course): April Bone, Lucy James, Alex Grocock, Beth Cranefield, Evie Newman, Ruby Poon, Evie Tyler, Alex Rainbow, Rosie Stokes (cox)
MasE.4x-: Trevor Rainbow, Simon Hughes, Sid Mitchell, Pat Mullins
W.J18.4x-: Megan Thomas, Helena Singleton, Ella Grant Clapham, Emily Waumsley
W.IM3.4x-: Katie Page, Tess McManus, Keziah Davies, Orianne Capsticks
W.J15B.4x+: Ruby Poon, Lucy James, Evie Tyler, Alex Rainbow, Rosie Stokes (cox)
W.J16.2x: Orianne Capsticks, Katie Page
W.J15A.2x: Izzy Nix, Ciara Bingham
W.J17.1x: Emily Waumsley

Running Total
60 wins
2 Silver medals
3 Bronze medals

Who Has Been Winning
Evie Tyler: 12 (including silver at Peterborough Junior Champs and Bronze at Pangbourne Junior Sculls)

Alex Rainbow: 11 (including silver at Peterborough Junior Champs and Bronze at Pangbourne Junior Sculls)
Annabel Stevens: 11 (including Bronze at Pangbourne Junior Sculls)

Orianne Capsticks: 10
Katie Page: 10

Lucy Patchett: 7 (including bronze at Peterborough Junior Champs)
Megan Thomas: 7

Ella Grant Clapham: 6
Cecily Kay: 6
Izzy Nix: 6

April Bone: 5 (including Bronze at Pangbourne Junior Sculls)
Jasmine Dorks: 5
Simon Hughes: 5
Lucy James: 5 (including Bronze at Pangbourne Junior Sculls)
Sid Mitchell: 5
Ruby Poon: 5
Trevor Rainbow: 5
Helena Singleton: 5
Olivia Stevenson: 5
Aerin Thompson: 5 (including bronze at Ghent)
Emily Waumsley: 5

Grace Fielding: 4
Freya Herborn: 4
Ella Macmillan: 4
Tess McManus: 4
Pat Mullins: 4

Keziah Davies: 3
Rachel Herborn: 3
Ella Kay (Nottingham RC): 3

Ciara Bingham: 2
Phoebe Cook (Derby): 2
Maddie Holohan (Leicester): 2
Olivia Kay (NRC): 2
Calum McManus: 2
Evie Newman: 2
Rosie Stokes: 2

Paddy Adcock: 1
Max Allen: 1
Ryan Asher: 1
Guyon Bedward: 1
Alice Bloomer: 1
Mark Bromley: 1
Mary Bryant-Jeans: 1
Beth Cranefield: 1
India Crawford: 1
Amy Fenoulhet: 1
Tegan Fitch: 1
James Forward: 1
Clodagh Gallagher: 1
Becky Goodman: 1
Michael Greenop: 1
Alex Grocock: 1
Beth Holder: 1
Emily Keen: 1
Will Knowles: 1
Heather Lund: 1
Jasmine Michalowska: 1
Maddie Moore: 1
Harrison Smalley: 1
Laura Stops: 1
Adam Thomas: 1
Keir Vogl: 1
Alice Williams: 1
Ben Wright: 1
Simon Wright: 1

Jasmine Latka (Boston): 1
Freya Moore (Leicester): 1
Freya Talbot (Leicester): 1
A Guest (Yarm School): 1
Another Guest (Yarm School): 1

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